First and foremost – we appreciate your business. This is an extremely difficult time, but it’s a challenge that we can weather. When we opened in 2013 we never would have guessed that we’d see a flood and global pandemic in our first ten years. We also never would have guessed that our location – set right at the entrance to one of the most beautiful National Parks in our country – would serve as a perfect getaway for travelers weary of tight spaces! Here’s a few things to know about The Maxwell Inn, RMNP, Estes Park and Covid19.

Changes @ The Maxwell Inn – We’ve made a handful of changes. Some were required, others are just good common sense.

  • Our Motel – Ok, fine this isn’t a “change” per se, but more informational than anything else. Experts agree that confined spaces and shared stagnant air are leading causes of the spread of the Coronavirus. With that in mind, a Motel, with doors that open outside, and not into a shared hallway, is the PERFECT type of lodging establishment if you’re concerned with any sort of contagion. Each of our rooms has at least one window as well as a doorway that open directly to the outdoors. The room HVAC systems are individual, there are no shared air ducts.
  • Breakfast – Larimer County has mandated that “common areas” of lodging establishments be shut down until May 31 (This is subject to change. May 31 may be the end date, or it may be extended, we don’t know.) That includes the area where we present our continental breakfast. We know that getting a quick bite is a great way to start your day, so we’ve put together quick grab and go bags. Each bag includes a yogurt, fresh fruit, granola bar, and cookies. Coffee is, of course, still available via the individual coffee packets supplied in the room.
  • Housekeeping – Housekeeping will continue as normal, although we’ve adjusted the products that we use to ensure your room is both clean and sterilized before you check in. Your health and safety are important to us. If you would rather forgo housekeeping during your stay, simply let us know at check-in.
  • Check – In – When you arrive, we will step outside to complete the check in process. That ensures that we’re not in a confined space and it allows you to quickly get questions answered and get right to unpacking!
  • Hot Tub – this is a HUGE bummer, but lodging establishments are not allowed to operate hot tubs or pools in the community areas until May 31. (This is subject to change. May 31 may be the end date, or it may be extended, we don’t know.) We understand that our fire pit technically falls under this guidance as well – the hot tub will be drained and out of service. The fire pit is on a timer on the patio…

Changes @ Downtown Estes Park

  • Masks Required – Retailers downtown are required to, ahem, require that masks be worn by customers in their shops. The masks can be any type of cloth or material used to cover ones mouth and nose. Restaurants require the same if you’re picking up food.
  • Restaurants are nearly universally offering carry-out options. The food can then be enjoyed back at the motel.

Changes @ Rocky Mountain National Park

  • RMNP is currently closed, but we expect an opening announcement in the near future. It’s our understanding that the Secretary of the Interior has either given or been given the direction to get the Parks open.
  • There are a handful of OPEN National Forest Land hikes available for use, and we’re happy to discuss them with you.