So what have we done this Winter? Plenty!

If last winter was hectic with our patio renovation and room upgrades, this winter is going to set a higher standard!

We ripped out a built in shower, built a custom pan and curb, tiled the shower and bathroom floor in Room 20.  The bathroom for Room 20 is literally one of the smallest on the property, but we really tried to make it special.  I think we succeeded!

During this project, an exterior pipe burst, on December 31st… waterfalls are cool, except when they’re not.

burst pipe

Many bathrooms have been tiled, no pictures, but Room 9, 10, 11, 5, and 8 all received new tile.

While this was going on, we managed to tear the deck off of the entire property, ready for a replacement…

Two of the exposed stairways will have snow melt built into their slabs.

slab snow melt
hePex installed, ready for pour.

Current Deck Progress as of March 9

Had the front of Room 21 stoned completely, see before and after…

Last, but not least, we replaced the Inns original water feed from the main and upgraded it just this past week.  As long as you’re diggin holes, may as well dig a few extra…

New water shutoff

As you can see, we’ve been plenty busy.  If we don’t answer the phone when you call, we’re probably working on some portion of these many projects.  Please leave a message and we’ll get back with you as soon as we take a break!