Summer is here!

Finishing up another big project, welcoming another summer full of wonderful guests!  We replaced the deck around the hotel this past winter – which was an enormous undertaking.  A few more stone pillars, a new patio, and new stonework here and there to finish it all up.  The finished product is both larger and more visually appealing than the old deck, it was a much needed update.

We’ve been plenty busy so far this year, with just a few openings here and there.  Our flower beds are in full bloom, and there is more to do than ever in Estes.  This year Estes welcomes back the Lazy B Ranch and Wranglers.  The Lazy B is an old time chuck wagon show and dinner, providing a few hours of family oriented entertainment and a great meal.  We went in May and really enjoyed ourselves.  Please make them part of your vacation!  You can find their pricing, schedule and details by clicking here.

Antonios New York Pizza is running a booming business across the street – and if you’re in town and looking for a GREAT pizza, there is no better place to stop!  There are plenty of new shops and things to do downtown and all over Estes this year, we look forward to seeing you!