Summer is in full effect in Estes – Updates!

After a bit of extra rain this spring, we’re into a lovely summer in Estes.  There are a handful of new retailers downtown this season, as well as a great pizza place right across the street.  The Original Taffy Shop is celebrating their 80th anniversary this year with new flavors and the refurbishment of their original sign!  We’ve recently added a vacation home to our stay options, which is located off-site but still within walking distance to downtown.  Of the three families that have stayed there in the past two weeks, two of them already inquired about booking ahead for next year!  Check out this historical 1600 sq ft home here!

I think my favorite feedback on the vacation home went something like this:  “Last year, we stayed in a vacation home with our whole clan (sons, daughters, and their families) that was about $5k for the week.  The place was huge, even an indoor pool – but it didn’t have it.  You could tell it was built in the 70s or 80s, and even though it had been remodeled to try to feel modern you couldn’t really tell you were in the mountains by the feel of the home.  This place (our Elk Horn Overlook home) – it has it.  We love this place.”

Also, we were featured in an industry magazine for Mapei – a global leader in all things bathroom installations – because we were one of the first to use their proprietary grout product in our new bathroom tile surround projects.  After another company’s product failed us, this product from Mapei absolutely saved the day.  Couldn’t be happier!

There are a few bears that have been hanging around the West side of town, and we’ve seen them a handful of times.  Because of that, we pull the trashcans in at night.  The other night, Dana went to pull in one of them at the end of the hallway, and right as she got to the screen door, she realized she was standing four feet from a bear that was in the 300lb range.  They looked at each other, she banged on the glass, and he walked away up the hill.  We both stepped outside to watch him, and as he went by our dumpster, he pushed it over, and then kept going.  I guess he showed us!

Lastly, Dana and I wish to extend our thanks to all of the wonderful folks we’ve been able to meet over the past three years.  This has been a great experience, and it’s rewarding very simply because of our guests.  Thank you for choosing our Inn, and please know that we continue to do everything we can to accommodate our guests.